D-TA UPDATE -March 29, 2016

Portable RFvision1-mini
Dual/Quad Tunable Transceivers
with Record/Playback

Portable RFvision1-miniWith a Tunable frequency range from 20 MHz – 6 GHz and an operating BW up to 40 MHz for each channel, the portable mini lets you record multiple 40 MHz BW RF signals (e.g. up- & down-link cell signals) simultaneously & over a long duration. Here are some of the many applications of the mini:

  • Spectrum Surveillance;
  • Operator Training;
  • Performance Monitoring;
  • Long-Duration Arbitrary
    Waveform Generation;
  • Portable Radar;
  • Signal Analysis & Algorithm

Spectrum On-The-Go -- Portability WithoutCompromise!Take the mini anywhere in the world for spectrum collection and RF scenario generation.

Download the Spectrum on the Go presentation from home page www.d-ta.com.

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