D-TA UPDATE - April, 2017

Streaming (I/Q) waveform data directly from hard drives for RF scenario generation, test and validation of radar & EW receivers is now possible. D-TA’s new RSE is a game changer!

What it does:

  • Simplifies system architecture;
  • Reduces cost drastically;
  • Provides an open-architecture solution for rapid customization;
  • Supports any type of waveform generation (pre-recorded mission data or computer-generated arbitrary waveform data);
  • Can create long duration RF scenarios.

Find out more by downloading the Radar Signal Emulator brochure here or directly from home page www.d-ta.com

Visit us at Pt Mugu, Booth # 20
April 25-27, 2017 at the 46th Annual Collaborative EW Symposium
hosted by the Association of Old Crows.
If you would like to prearrange a meeting, please email: tdas@d-ta.com

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