D-TA UPDATE - March, 2017

RF Recording @ Record-Breaking Speed

How do we routinely deliver record/playback solutions that sustain data throughput rates of 8, 10, 12 Gbytes/s and more for hours? Here is the magic mixture:

D-TA’s 10 Gigabit network attached tunable transceivers
(Wideband or Ultra-Wideband)
Off-the shelf RAID server
D-TA’s trailblazing multi-core software record/playback engine

For more information:
download the presentation here
Wideband & Ultra-Wideband RF Signal Recording & Playback or directly from home page www.d-ta.com

Visit us at Pt Mugu, Booth # 20
April 25-27, 2017 at the 46th Annual Collaborative EW Symposium
hosted by the Association of Old Crows.
If you would like to prearrange a meeting, please email: tdas@d-ta.com

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