D-TA UPDATE - July 11, 2017

Ultimate Radar Signal Emulator

Ultimate Radar Signal Emulator

Nothing Else Comes Close!

D-TA’s concept of streaming waveform (I/Q) data from hard drives for RF simulation implies that any waveform (pulse-on pulse, non-linear chirp, phase-coded waveforms and others) can be generated for virtually any duration (storage space is cheap). No FPGA programming, no restrictions. Period!

D-TA offers an incredibly powerful radar signal generation software running in user PC or in the RAID server to create I/Q waveform files with any modulation types, linear FM, non-linear FM, phase-coded, FMCW and others with fixed, staggered, jittered and random PRIs. You can also playback pre-recorded radar signals.

It can also take into account relative motion between transmitter, target and receiver, antenna geometry associated beam-width and sidelobe levels, and, also scan & dwell times for generating the I/Q data files.

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