D-TA UPDATE - May 25, 2017

RFvision-2 Ultra-Wideband Open-Architecture Transceiver solution 
with integrated RF recording, RF playback & processing for: • Ultra-wideband radar & communication • ELINT, and • 
Radar Signal Emulation • 
Now comes with a complete software suite. Download “RFvision-2 Ultra-Wideband Spectrum Processing Solution” 
brochure from homepage www.d-ta.com
See us at CANSEC 2017, Booth #225-H, May 29-30, 2017, Ottawa, Canada
and at EW Europe 2017, Booth #19, June 6-8, 2017, London, UK

Download the RFvision-2 Ultra-Wideband Spectrum Processing Solution brochure here
or directly from home page

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