D-TA UPDATE - September 2014
RFVision-1(mini) …Portability Without Compromise! Spectrum Monitoring, Radar, Coms., RF test... ON-THE-GO!

bulletD-TAs RFvision-1(mini) is so powerful, so compact, so inexpensive and so easy to use, it is mind
bulletboggling! You can take it anywhere in an airline carry-on case (supplied free), run it from a battery
bullet(supplied free) and record, playback & process up to 40 MHz spectrum in real-time right in the
bulletnotebook that comes with it.

RFVision-1(mini) …Portability Without Compromise!

bulletCheck this out:
bulletbulletIndependently tuned receive & transmit channels with 8 dB noise figure & 93 dB gain control
bulletbullet20 MHz to 6 GHz frequency coverage (optional range extension from 1 MHz to 18 GHz)
bulletbullet16 bit data converters & DDC programmable BW selection from 2.5 MHz to 6 GHz
bulletbulletOver 2 hours record / playback at full 40 MHz BW
bulletbulletFree control & operating software, free carry-on case and battery .

bulletClick Spectrum On-The-Go button on the home page: www.d-ta.com.