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Technical Seminar: 10 Gigabit Sensor Processing Simplifies ISR System Development

bulletJune 10, 2014

bullet11 am noon .......... Click here to register

bulletD-TA Office
bullet2500 Lancaster Rd
bulletOttawa, ON

bulletLight lunch will be served.

bulletDoD budget pressures and time-to-deployment pressures are seriously challenging
bulletthe current paradigm of bus-board based approach for sensor equipment development.
bulletThe prime contractors are finding that to assemble, integrate, develop and test bus-boards
bulletbased design for complex sensor systems are becoming cost & time prohibitive.

bulletThis webinar will discuss a new paradigm based on System-Level Sensor Interface COTS
bullet& 10 Gigabit data backbone the connects seamlessly to multi-core servers for real-time
bulletapplication development. In addition to drastic savings in cost and deployment time,
bulletthe approach leads to scalable and future-proof architectures.

bulletCome & see live demonstrations of:
bullet1. World’s most advanced open-architecture EW solution; and,
bullet2. Real-Time acquisition, recording & processing of Ultra-Wideband
bulletbulletRF signals

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