DTA-2300 Phase-Coherent Multi-Antenna Digital IF Transceiver (Software Radio)

Designed for Multi-Channel (Antenna) Applications that require precise phase matching across channels, the DTA-2300 ideal for Phased Array Radars, Smart Antenna Base Station, RF Direction Finding, MIMO, Arbitrary Waveform Generation, etc.

DTA-2300 is supported by DTA-3200 Tunable RF Front-End & DTA-5000 Record / Playback System (10G/Rx Series Products)

  • DTA-2300 Includes Up To 4 Analog interface Modules (AIM); 1 High Performance Clock Module (HPCM) and a Network Interface Module (NIM)
  • Each AIM module  includes 4 Fully Synchronized 16-bit ADC (130 MSPS) & DAC (500 MSPS) Channels
  • Up to Four Virtex 5 FPGAs for Data & One Master FPGA for Control
  • Up to Four 10 Gigabit XFP (Optical) Networks
  • Dual redundant 1GbE for control
  • Multiple Clocking Options - Internal (TCXO) or External Reference Clock
  • Programmable Clock Delays (10 ps steps) for Each  ADC & DAC Clocks for RF Calibration
  •  Multi Unit Synchronization
  • Time Stamping with 6.4ns Resolution

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Download Tech Notes for DTA-2300 (TN-05, TN-06, TN-07, TN-10, TN-12, TN-13) for more information.



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