DTA-9500: Ultra-Wideband Software Radio Transceiver

  • Available in conduction-cooled (DTA-9500S) or air-cooled (DTA-9500AC, 19” rack-mount) versions
  • One 12-bit 3.6 GSPS ADC (two ADC option for DTA-9500AC), one 12-bit 4 GSPS DAC (option) and internal GPS module (option)
  • RF front end with gain, standard / custom filter and programmable attenuator
  • Two (2) Virtex 6 FPGAs in DTA-9500S and up to 4 Virtex 6 FPGAs in DTA-9500AC (option)
  • Two or four (for DTA-9500S) and two or four or eight (DTA-9500AC only) 10 Gigabit network (optical fibers) options for data
  • 1GbE optical link for command and control
  • Each ADC can be operated as two 12-bit 1.8 GHz ADCs
  • Optional 12-bit 4 GHz DAC
  • Optional GPS receiver
  • Multiple clocking options – internal VCO locked to internal or external reference or user provided external sampling clock
  • Multi-unit synchronization for phase-coherent applications (beamforming, etc)
  • Optional DTA-5900 wideband tuner (1.2 GHz IF and 500 MHz BW, download TN-31)
  • Optional DTA-6800 FPGA processing subsystem with 10 GbE interfaces (download TN-34)
  • Optional integrated FPGA cores for Digital Down Conversion (DDC), Digital Up Conversion (DUC), FFT etc.
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Download Tech Notes for DTA-9500 (TN-30, TN 31, TN-32, TN-33) for more information on DTA-9500.


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