The Art of EMSO
Over-The-Horizon Radar

High-Performance HF processing for channel characterization & HF radar.

EW Threat Emulation

Multi-Channel Radar Signal Emulators for Short, Medium and Long Range Testing


Multifunction C-ESM, R-ESM and ELINT products designed for any platform

Record & Playback

End-to-end solutions for record/playback of RF and IF signals for demanding radio and radar applications.

Become a Global EW Powerhouse for Sensor Systems

Why D-TA Systems?

As threats become more agile, deceptive and diverse, our mandate becomes more focused on delivering mission critical EW sensor solutions that drastically cut deployment risk, time and cost.

D-TA pioneered 10 Gigabit Sensor Processing which has simplified sensor system development. Any system now has only two parts: Sensor interface (D-TA products) & processor (typically commercially available low-cost server class computer). One or more 10 Gigabit networks (fibers) move data from one to another.

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Corporate Presentation

This catalogue includes an overview of the company, various EW applications D-TA addresses, along with the associated products and specifications.

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