About D-TA Systems

Our mandate

As threats become more agile, deceptive, and diverse, our mandate becomes more focused on delivering mission critical EW sensor solutions that drastically cut deployment risk, time, and cost.

D-TA pioneered optical multi-Gigabit (10/40/100 GbE fiber) ethernet based spectrum processing which has simplified sensor system development. Any system now has only two parts: Sensor interface (D-TA designed) & processor (typically commercially available low-cost server class computer). One or more multi-Gigabit networks (fibers) move data from one to another.

D-TA provides end-to-end solutions for mission-critical EMSO (Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Operations) applications, like: SIGINT for spectral surveillance for threat detection; EW Threat Emulation for device testing and operator training; Over-The-Horizon Radar for long-range surveillance; Wideband multi-channel RF & IF record/playback; and Extreme-SWaP and mission-agnostic EMSO solutions.

About D-TA Systems

Founded in 2007, D-TA designs, develops, and manufactures spectrum processing solutions for demanding applications. D-TA’s standard products cover virtually all aspects of Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) from spectrum sensing to spectrum creation. D-TA is the only SMB capable of offering complete turn-key solutions for all EMSO missions.

D-TA products are results of ‘out of the box’ thinking, technical innovation, and no-compromise development that fulfills the company’s mandate to cut deployment risk, time, and cost by orders of magnitude. All D-TA products use antenna level digitization, high-speed optical networks as data backbone and software centric processing.

All D-TA products, including ESM/ELINT Radar, EW Emulation and Extreme-SWaP optimized products for disposable EMSO missions, are based on just two sub-systems (LRUs) connected by high-speed optical cables: a smart sensor-interface unit; and a (commercially available) processing server. The approach simplifies system design, installation, maintenance, and future upgradability.


Our Awards

2017: AOC EW Technology Hall of Famer 
Nov 2019: AOC Distinguished Service Award
2022, 2023: Canadian Defense Review Top 100 Defense Companies

Our Success

Over the years D-TA has assembled a highly qualified technical team that has unparalleled expertise in RF, IF and Network system design and real-time multi-core software processing and EMSO application development. D-TA’s management staff has significant domain expertise and successful track record of managing and growing innovative businesses. D-TA has extensively equipped R&D and manufacturing facilities, including its own anechoic chamber. D-TA has over 50 active customers in FVEY, NATO and QUAD countries. Many of them are repeat customers.

Dr. Dipak Roy, Founder & Executive Chairman EW Technology Hall of Famer

Product Catalogue

This catalogue includes an overview of the company, various EW applications D-TA addresses, along with the associated products and specifications.

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