For COMINT application D-TA offers reconfigurable solutions for ES, DF & EA. A portable search receiver, based on dual channel RFvision1-Supermini system, offers full functionality, including, signal detection, channelization, modulation recognition, demodulation and decoding. The DTA-3380 multi-antenna transceiver system can be configured for user specified number of receive and/or transmit channels for ES, DF, COMS & EA functionalities. An N-Channel DF system based on RFvision-Broadview (DTA-3380 receiver & DTA-5000 RAID server) uses an unique recorder-centric multi-core software processing where recorded data is processed while recording is continuing. Any complex algorithm can be implemented as data is always there. This also allows running multiple algorithms on the same data set to improve the accuracy of estimates.

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