Sensor Interface & Processing

D-TA Systems Inc.

D-TA provides ‘end-to-end’ coverage with RF, IF, Record & Playback and Multi-Core Software Processing with the most advanced technologies anywhere. Building next-generation radio, radar, SIGINT or sonar systems and not having to start with a ton of COTS boards from different vendors that you know will take a long time to build and test. D-TA’s reconfigurable box level products are ‘plug & play’ solutions that can be reconfigured for any application.

They also bring you the most advanced technologies, like: 10 Gigabit sensor processing; multi-antenna tunable RF receive & transmit; 16-bit digital IF; phase coherent operation; ultra-fast record and playback; multi-core software processing; and, high-precision & fully synchronized sonar processing at most affordable prices. 

Corporate Presentation

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This presentation includes an overview of the company, various EW applications D-TA addresses, along with the associated products and specs.

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Spectrum Processing for Total Dominance!


Multi-channel radar signal emulator (MRSE) to supply the Air Component of the NATO Belgian Armed Forces


Supporting R&D (EW Emulation) for space based radar systems.


World’s Largest Over-The-Horizon HF Radar for Northern Security


Chairman of D-TA receives US Association of Old Crows Tech Hall of Fame Award.


Spectrum Fusion systems introduced.


Transceiver systems with simultaneous read/write capabilities delivered.


128 Channel Phased Array HF Radar system delivered to Canadian Govt.


Server based Radar processing introduced.


Ultra wide-band transceiver systems introduced. 


Wide-band recorders introduced to US DoD.


Established new relationships with US prime contractors. 


D-TA win's its first contract with the Canadian Govt.


D-TA expands into the new 10,000 sq ft building.


D-TA was established.

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