D-TA India Webinar – Next Generation EW Environment Emulation

Date: August 6th 2020 

Time: 8:30AM EDT (6:PM IST)

D-TA is pleased to invite you to join our second webinar.

This informative session will cover D-TA’s Multi-Channel Radar Signal Emulator (MRSE) solution that is disrupting the EW testing and training marketplaces.

Major learning opportunities:

  • How to effectively test RWR, ELINT/ESM or Smart Jammer systems.
  • How easy it is to setup our compact on-board trainer or tester that you can travel with anywhere.
  •  If you are currently architecting an open-air EW range for creating a dense electromagnetic environment; off-the-shelf MRSE solution is compact, open architecture and readily customized for specific requirements for both indoor (injection mode) and outdoor (radiation mode) operations.
  • Unlimited number of emitters, synchronized operation of multiple emulators, co-located or thousands of miles apart, data entry from legacy threat libraries or convenient MMI.
  • How our intuitive software, and easy setup eliminates expensive operator training by delivering a solution at one-tenth the cost of legacy systems.

If you are involved in the Canadian Electronic Warfare scene, you cannot miss this event!

Note: there is NO COST to attend this webinar

Past Events:

  • 5th Annual CEMA Conference:
    Oct. 8-10, 2019, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Booth #21
  • 56th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention:
    Oct. 28-30, 2019, Walter E. Washington Convention Center, DC, Booth #633
  • ADECS 2020:
    Feb. 4-5, 2020, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  • EWCI 2020:
    Feb. 17-20, 2020, National Science Seminar Complex (NSSC),
    Indian Institute of Science (IISc),  Bangalore

For further updates, before and during each tradeshow please visit our LinkedIn Profile

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