D-TA Systems Multi-Channel Radar Signal Emulator Live Seminar

Feb 20, 2020

11:30 - 13:00

  • D-TA Systems’ Multi-Channel Radar Signal Emulator (MRSE) is an open architecture, modular and reconfigurable COTS Radar Signal Emulator (RSE).  We designed MRSE to overcome the shortfalls of legacy systems by providing a software defined environment that is mobile, easy to configure and operate.
  • MRSE signals and emissions are recorded as I/Q data on a pulse by pulse basis, which are then played back on multiples of 10GbE connections through our RF.  Our system presents both dynamic signals reflecting movement and orientation of transmitters, receivers and targets as well as reference signals of high fidelity.  MRSE presents pulse on pulse, dynamic ERP and nearly unlimited emitter density to emulate future fights at a fraction of the cost of current systems.
  • Designed to ingest parametric data also used to create threat libraries, MRSE’s multiple data entry methods along with D-TA’s DIFF file translation service gets users transmitting threats in direct injection and free-space transmission modes right away.
  • D-TA will be demonstrating MRSE for threat generation, channelization, recording and playback of radar and communications emissions in direct injection mode. 
    All signals are derived from open sources and are unclassified.

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