EW Threat Emulation

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EW Threat Emulation

D-TA’s MRSE family of Multi-Channel Radar Signal Emulators is based on waveform baseband (I/Q) data streaming from deep memories (computer hard drives). They are the only products available in the market that can create a dense electro-magnetic operational environment. There is no signal drop out problem that plagues competitor’s products

MRSE-5000 base product is used for injection mode testing of Radar Warning or other EW Receivers using cables in indoor environments. MRSE-PETS and MRSE-PETS+ products are for over-the-air radiation mode testing. PETS is for short test ranges, runway or dockside testing, and PETS+ is for medium to large test ranges for in flight testing.

All MRSE products are supplied with comprehensive waveform and scenario generation software capable of emulating any emitter type, any antenna beam and scan pattern, platform motion and modulation type. Entire engagement cycle of a missile from acquisition, tracking and guidance mode can be readily emulated.

D-TA also offers its own open-source unclassified threat library (DEWDOS) with over 10,000 emitters for user convenience.

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