Tech Briefs

  1. TB01 – Maximizing Electronic Support (ES) Effectiveness on Maritime Platforms Via Antenna-Level Digitization
  2. TB02 – Verifying EW System Performance in the Lab Via RF Environment Emulation
  3. TB03 – Compact ELINT/ESM For Any Platform
  4. TB04 – Ultra-Portable, Low-Cost RF Environment Emulator for Over-the-Air (OTA) In-Situ EW System Testing
  5. TB05 – Full ESM/ELINT Capability For Small UAS
  6. TB06 – Runway & Dockside Testing of EW Receivers
  7. TB07 – I/Q Data Streaming for True CEESIM Capability
  8. TB08 – MFEL-5000 G/N, High-Quality ELINT Collection System
  9. TB09 – Multi-Channel Radar Signal Emulator For Over The Air (OTA) Test & Training with Full Software Suite
  10. TB10 – Open Air Range (OAR) Testing of EW Receivers
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