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Dual Channel RFvision1-Supermini

High-Performance RFvision1-Supermini is designed to provide high signal fidelity for both RF recording and playback in operation in dense electromagnetic environments. The Supermini includes super-heterodyne RF stages with pre-, post- and IF-filters, 16-bit data converters and FPGA based DDCs & DUCs for programmable operating bandwidth selection, and 10 Gigabit data network for high-speed I/Q data transfer to and from recorder/player with 2 TB SSDs.

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Dual Channel RFvision-2

The RFvision-2 system includes DTA-9590L tunable transceiver and DTA-1000R record / playback system with up to 7.6 TB SSD storage for realtime recording of baseband I & Q signal of BW up to 500 MHz. The system comes fully integrated, tested and no user development is required. The SigInspector™ 2 (standard) GUI software supplied with the system provides navigation, control and ease of operation.

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Arbitrary RF Signal Generation Using RFvision1-Supermini

Arbitrary RF Signal Generation Using RFvision1-Supermini

D-TA’s concept of streaming waveform (I/Q) data from hard drives to RF transmitters has revolutionized arbitrary waveform generation. Any waveform at any frequency with virtually any duration can be readily generated.

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Open-Architecture Multi-Antenna Transceiver System For Spectrum Processing

The RFvision-Broadview has become a Gold Standard for multi-antenna spectrum processing. It consists of DTA-3380 high-performance super-heterodyne RF transceiver system and DTA-5000 RAID server with 24 TB SSDs and a large number (24 or more) of general-purpose processing cores.

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Portable Quad Channel RFvision-Broadview

Portable Quad Channel RF Record / Playback & Processing Solution

The portable quad channel RFvision-Broadview system includes a 4 channel DTA-3380 LP transceiver system with either 2 receive & 2 transmit channels or 4 receive or 4 transmit channels.

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CSM-1000 Portable COMINT

CSM-1000: Portable Search Receiver (Signal Intelligence

CSM-1000 is based on D-TA’s portable RFvision1-Supermini SDR system, which for COMINT applications is configured for 2 high-performance super-heterodyned receiver channels with 1 MHz – 8 GHz frequency tuning range and 40/80 MHz instantaneous BW. A Laptop PC is used for control and operation of CSM-1000. The PC connects to the CSM-1000 system via the 1 GbE LAN.

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MFEL-1000 Portable ELINT

Data Collection with Situational View & Advanced Pulse Processing

Portable MFEL-1000 is a compact and highly powerful ELINT solution that includes a built-in 6 TB (expandable to 18 TB) SSD data storage for I/Q data collection for on-site and offsite analysis. Weighing less than 10 Kg, and requiring less than 350W power input, it includes a high performance super heterodyne receiver with a frequency tuning range from 0.5 MHz -18 GHz and an operating BW up to 500 MHz.

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Multi-Channel Radar Signal Emulator MRSE)

Multi-Channel Radar Signal Emulator (MRSE)

The MRSE system can generate complex electromagnetic environments for direct injection or free-space radiation into EW systems with hard-to-match fidelity and unrestricted capability.

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HF Over the Horizon Radars (OTHR)

Large Channel Count Phase Coherent HF Over the Horizon Radar

HF Over The Horizon Radars (OTHR) are getting significant attention in recent years because of long range monitoring applications. The HF OTHR long range propagation is achieved via ionospheric reflection.

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Large Channel Count Phase Coherent Multi-channel high frequency signal acquisition, recording & playback

The System-23 includes DTA-2300 ultra-wideband digital transceiver (occupies only 1U rack space), and DTA-1000R RAID Server with up to 8 TB SSD storage or DTA-5000 RAID server with up to 24 TB SSD storage.

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