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D-TA’s Multi-Function Electronic Intelligence (MFEL) family of Radar-ESM/ELINT products, and CSM family of Communication-ESM products offer the highest sensitivity available anywhere. They are designed to be deployed in any platform for fast situational awareness, threat detection, bearing estimation, classification, identification, and high-fidelity recording of threat signals. The frequency tuning range is 0.5 to 18 or 40 GHz for R-ESM products and 20 MHz to 8 GHz for C-ESM products.

Both scanning and fixed channelized receivers (for high Probability of Intercept) are used. The receivers use superheterodyne design for highest sensitivity. The receivers output I/Q data via high-speed optical networks to RAID server for totally software-based processing which can be readily upgraded to combat future threats.

For the MFEL family of products, the antenna configuration is customized for different applications and deployments. For high fidelity ELINT collection by ground and/or surface naval deployment, a spinning DF antenna is combined with an Omni antenna. For small to medium UAS and man-portable deployments, a spiral antenna array is used. Phase correlative interferometry is used for pulse-by-pulse DF estimation.

D-TA’s very low-SWaP design allows ESM receivers to be integrated with the antenna array, thus enabling antenna-level digitization. RF cable lengths and associated signal losses are greatly reduced. For CSM family of products, multi-element antennas are typically used for DF. D-TA’s design is antenna agnostic, and antennas are typically sourced from 3rd party.

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